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LARGO is a private medical facility aimed to diagnostics and treatment especially of such civilization disease which result into immunity disorder - such as tumour diseases, allergic diseases, recidiving infections, immunodeficit conditions, etc..Our objective is to help our patients in treatment and prevention especially of malignant tumours as well as various forms of allergies and other immunopathological conditions

LARGO is managed by Jan Lichnovský, M.D. graduate of the Charles ´s University in Prague, doctor specialized in the branch of clinical immunology. Dr. Lichnovský has been dealing for more than l5 years with problems of relation of immune system and nutrition and possibilities to improve immune status by other than specific methods.

Many patients visit a doctor because of disorder of immunity, repeating respiration infections, allergies, acne, repeating fungus inflammations, infections caused by herpes simplex virus, etc. Despite they are given corresponding immunotherapy, permanent recovery is not achieved since the disease origin is in a total imbalance of organism and external indicators are just of a secondary character:

"A man is not ill because he suffers from herpes, but he suffers from herpes because is ill"

Unfortunately, laymen as well as a part of experts still believe that if a child suffers from repeated tonsillitis, it is an immunodeficit condition and it is necessary to apply immunostimulation therapy. There are still more and more such "immunodeficit conditions" at the present. However, a reason of such repeated tonsilitis can be for example in a completely common bad tolerance to cow milk. After its exclusion from catering, a health condition becomes improved itself and child prospers excellently without a need still to alter and apply antibiotic and immunostimulation therapies. There is a great number of factors participating in the immune system weakening. There is only a fragment of classic immunodeficit conditions. Insufficiently functioning and not efficient metabolism under some load surely reacts also by the immune system impairment which is demonstrated for example by repeated infects, allergies, fungus infections, herpes eruptions as well as by tumours, chronic tiredness, paints of joints, etc.…….. Treatment of such conditions cannot be just immunological. It is necessary to remove an essential problem which mostly is hidden in other place than in impaired cell or humoral immunity. Laboratory tests to such parameters are negative in most cases.

When you car suddenly stops, it is not enough to replenish petrol in most cases!"

Influences of condition of colon to general metabolism of organism, quantity of toxins and various additives in the foods chain , everywhere present stress and following increasing number of so-called civilization diseases. are underestimated. Our workplace prefers as much complex approach to diagnostics and treatment of patients as possible, and we try to explain them that their problems consist not only in impaired immunity, but that their organism as a whole faces problems which should be solved. Immunotherapy as such is very efficient, however, it is not everything redeemable. We try to diagnose and remove original reasons of patient ´s troubles, adjust metabolic procedures together with stimulation of immune system, thus optimize the organism as a whole. A scope of examination and treatment vary depending on troubles of a patient and his age, catering habits, passes diseases, environment he lives in and other factors.

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Jan Lichnovsky, M.D.
Specialist of clinical immunology
Rudna 25, 700 30 Ostrava

Tel.: +420 69 678 10 11
Fax: +420 69 678 10 13
e-mail: lichnovsky@largo-clinic.cz


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