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CANCER - Prevention Programme

"To search for medicaments only after you are ill is the same as to deepen a well only when you are thirsty".

A Chinese proverb

There is no laboratory test available defining a 100 % diagnosis of a tumour proliferation. A tumour, before it can be found by common diagnostic methods, grows several years. However, preventive examination especially of risk groups is considered to be necessary if we wish to prevent a condition when a malignant illness is diagnosed already in a very advanced status, frequently with numerous metastases, and a respective tumour is already not operable and or can be hardly ever treated.

A base of examination consists of a spectrum of biochemical and a immunological parameters which are monitored in periodical intervals ( 3 months up to 1 year - depending on a risk level and age of the patient). The patient should be relatively without troubles. An examination is not suitable for example in case of an occurring infection etc., when various laboratory indicators are changed.

  • An examination can be made at any individual, however, it is suitable especially:
  • at persons with an increased risk of tumour proliferation
  • at persons having passed some tumour illness - early diagnostics of an event. recidivation or metastasis

The findings are processed in a computer, stored in a database and compared with the previous ones. In case of any suspicion for a potential tumour illness (tumour recidivation of occurrence of metastases ) other examinations are made or recommended in order either to confirm or eliminate a respective diagnosis.

The preventive programme includes as its part also a proposal of a general regime aimed to detoxification, regeneration, stimulation of the immune system, diet regime depending on a particular metabolic type and corresponding nutrition pharmaceutics (nutrition supplements). The objective is to get a patient in a best possible physical and psychical convenience since malignant tumours are classified in so-called civilization illnesses.

At the conclusion we propose a patient a general regime aimed to detoxification, regeneration of the organism, stimulation of the immune system, dietary regime depending on a metabolic type, nutrition pharmaceutics, etc.